Help Your Couplers Last Longer With These Tips

When you're connecting a compressed air tank to a pneumatic tool, you need to use an air compressor coupler. While these parts aren't as expensive as the other components in your set up, they still cost money, and they are integral to the proper functioning of your pneumatic tools. To help your couplers last as long as possible, take a look at these tips.

Opt for Brass

If you want something to last, you need to start with a quality product. When shopping for couplers, consider looking for high-quality brass ones. Stay away from inexpensive plastic ones that may crack or break.

Use the Right Size Couplers

In addition to choosing metal, also make sure that you opt for the right size of coupler. Check the size you need for the hoses on your air compressor, and make sure that you buy that exact size. You may also want to buy the same brand to ensure compatibility. For instance, if you have an Oetiker air compressor, you may want to look for Oetiker air compressor fittings.

If your fittings don't fit properly, they may allow air to leak out. Alternatively, if they don't fit, you may end up overtightening to compensate, and that could also lead to issues such as stripping the threads.

Store the Couplers Correctly

If you have extra air compressor couplers that you are storing, make sure to store them in a safe environment. Ideally, you want to keep them out of very wet environments so they don't rust. Similarly, you want to keep your couplers away from corrosive materials that may cause them to break down.

Clean the Couplers

In some cases, you may add adhesive to your couplers to help lock them into place. In other cases, they may have grease on them for lubrication, and in still other cases, they may collect dirt or debris. If you take the coupler off one piece of equipment and move it somewhere else, you may want to clean it first.

Always take a gentle approach to clean so you don't sand off the threads or cause other damage. With a clean coupler, you can generally get a tighter, closer fit on your equipment than you can get if you are trying to work with a dirty coupler. Also, if you clean your couplers occasionally, you remove chemicals or impurities that could cause your couplers to start to break down.

To get other tips, contact a professional who works with couplers on a regular basis. They can help point you in the right direction.