The Don’ts of Using a Hired Boom Lift

Hiring a boom lift for your new and bigger warehouse makes more sense than buying one in the first few months. Hiring a boom lift will help your business to save money considering the new financial obligations on the bigger warehouse. That being said, it is critical to treat a leased boom lift with the care it deserves. The fact that most rental firms today take up the task of maintaining boom lifts does not mean that you should ignore your role. This article highlights some of the don'ts of using a leased boom lift.

Don't Overload -- Boom lifts are designed to carry specific loads, which depends on the size of the lift as well as the length of the arm. Since you are paying for the boom lift on a hire basis, taking advantage of free maintenance that rental firms give should be your objective. Notably, if you break the boom lift due to overloading, the rental company will consider it negligence and request for compensation. Such negligent behaviour will cost you more than you would have otherwise spent by loading recommended weight on the boom lift. Therefore, do not add to the cost of hiring by making negligent decisions such as overloading the boom.

Don't Let Unauthorized Personnel Operate a Hired Boom Lift -- Unauthorized personnel should never be allowed to operate any machine whether bought or hired. However, in the case of a rented boom lift, the stakes are much higher. The reason is that if a leased boom lift gets damaged as a result of being operated by unauthorised personnel, your business will have to incur the cost of replacing the machine. Therefore, only permit trained operators to manage a boom lift.

Don't Rely Solely on Transporter's or Rental Firm's Report -- When hiring a boom lift, the chances are that the rental company will deliver the machine to your premises or hire a transportation company to make the delivery. Whichever the case might be, the delivery person will issue you with a report indicating the condition of a boom lift after delivery. Do not make the mistake of not inspecting the machine with your mechanic after the delivery. The report might indicate that the boom lift is in excellent condition while in the real sense it is faulty. Therefore, evaluate the state of a boom lift in the presence of a transportation firm for certainty on its functionality.