Reasons to Consider Car Lifts for Your Housing Complex

As a real estate developer, you may be looking at innovative ways to meet your buyers needs. You may want the latest technology, smartphone equipped systems, and security. One of the ways you can do this is by having a car lift equipped garage placed for the tenants of your housing complex. If you have considered this, but aren't sure how it would benefit the tenants, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Security for Tenants

One of the fears that many tenants have is the simple walk from their car to their front door. This can be reduced greatly by having a car lift installed in a secured garage of the housing complex. Once the tenant is in the garage, that can be secured in many ways, they can park their car and go to their home safely. The tenants also can reduce their fears of car theft and burglary since their car will not only be kept in a lift with other cars, but it will be kept behind several layers of security.

Reduced Need for Parking Space

One of the issues that many real estate developers have is parking space. You may find the ideal building for your tenants, but the parking space available may be lacking. This can be a problem for your development, but also for your tenants who may have more than one car per tenancy. If this is the case, a car lift may be ideal. This is especially true if you can purchase an adjacent building specifically for the car lift allowing for even more non-traditional parking and storage area for your tenants.

Safety from Extreme Weather

You may not think about about extreme weather when you think of car lifts for your tenants. The truth is, that if you have liability insurance, you may want to consider weather conditions and how they can affect your tenants and the cars. Strong winds and rain can damage cars and send car debris flying into the building possibly damaging the building and injuring your tenants. You can avoid this with a car lift as the cars will be protected within the safety of the lift until the weather passes.

These are only three of the ways that a car lift would benefit tenants of your housing complex. If you think this would work well for your complex location and for the tenants you plan on having in the complex, then consider contacting your local car lift specialist. They can help with pricing, installation, and evaluations if necessary.