How to Keep Your Materials Moving in an Industrial Operation

If you are in charge of operating an industrial facility, where materials need to be moved from one part of the process to another, you know that you need to maintain maximum efficiency. You need to avoid downtime wherever possible and will certainly want to introduce tools and processes to help you achieve that goal. In recent times you may have lost some of that valuable productivity due to blockages within a kiln or silo. What can you do to avoid repetition in the future?


During an involved operation like this, the raw material may need to be stored for a period of time in a kiln before it is ready for further processing. Due to the nature of the material, it may tend to clump together, and this can often stop the said process in its tracks. You need to identify these pressure points as you design your operation, but you may need to add specific tools to your arsenal in order to keep the material moving on its way.

Best Approach

For this reason, you may need to introduce a compressed air system that can be attached to the kiln or other problem area. You can then insert a flange connector into the tube at strategic points and add an air cannon or two. These cannons will release bursts of compressed air according to a predetermined schedule, and this will break up any accumulations before they can cause a major issue. This will allow you to maintain productivity, but there are several additional benefits to consider too.

Worker Safety

In the past, you may have had to send a worker into a confined, potentially dangerous space in order to clean up any blockage within that raw material. While this is obviously time-consuming, there is an inherent risk involved, and you want to eliminate this as much as possible.

Less Damage

When those materials are cleaned with manual tools, this will inevitably increase the amount of wear and tear. You may have to replace certain parts more often than you would like as a consequence.

Easy Maintenance

The best air cannons on the market come with removable nozzles. These are fairly easy to access, can be removed according to a maintenance schedule and reattached ready for further efficient operation.

Talk with your equipment supplier and a draw up a plan to install air cannons as soon as possible.