What to Look For When Purchasing a Millet Broom For Your Tennis Court

In order to keep your tennis court looking and functioning at its best all year long, regular maintenance of the playing surface is essential. Keeping it free of fallen twigs, leaves and dirt is an integral part of tennis court upkeep, and while it does not require any expensive or complicated tools to perform, it will nevertheless save you from having to continually resurface your court, as well as enabling you to enjoy a game of tennis any time at all. A consistently clean surface will also help avoid injuries and loss of control of the ball due to built-up dirt and debris. So, what kind of equipment do you need to keep your tennis court surface clean and free of dirt? Simply, you will need a good-quality millet broom. Following are the main features to look for when purchasing your millet broom for your tennis court.

Size - Soft tennis court surfaces will only need small brooms, as the sweeping action is much easier with less stress applied to the broom and bristles. On the contrary, tennis courts with hard or rough surfaces, such as clay courts, will need larger and tougher brooms to withstand the greater wear and tear of sweeping those surfaces. Furthermore, the size of the broom you purchase is one of the factors that determines the number of ties it has, which in turn impacts its quality and durability.

Number of Ties - The larger the broom, the more ties it will have. The ties are horizontal bands around the bristles close to the handle which are used to secure the bristle strands firmly in place. Along with the size of the broom, the amount of work or pressure the bristles are subjected to and the thickness of the bristles are a good indication of the ideal number of ties your broom should have, but the general rule is that the more ties there are, the stronger and more durable the broom will be.

Handle - A good-quality millet broom should have a strong and durable handle that is comfortable to hold. A powder-coated steel handle is superior to a painted or plastic-wrapped steel handle that will rust and break down over time. Sturdy millet brooms should also have cane inserts inside the handle to ensure a much more long-lasting tool.

Bracket - Another important consideration when purchasing a millet broom for your tennis court is the bracket used to secure the broom to the handle. A metal broom bracket or support stay provides extra reinforcement and durability that shouldn't be overlooked when selecting a good-quality broom. Not only will a solid metal bracket add years to the life of your broom, but it will be able to withstand the stresses of repetitive use far better than a standard wooden bracket or plastic bracket would.