Planning An Outdoor Event This Summer? What To Consider When Renting Portable Toilets

Now that the weather is warming up, you might be planning a few outdoor activities. If you are, it's time to start planning for the restroom facilities. If you're just having a few guests into the house, they can safely use your facilities. However, if you're planning a larger event, or you're planning an event where restrooms won't be available, you'll need to rent at least one portable toilet. Renting portable toilets is a safe and effective way to keep your guests comfortable. However, there are some steps you need to take to avoid potential problems. Here are some helpful tips for you to follow when choosing portable toilet rentals

Get An Adequate Guest Count

If you plan to rent portable toilets for your outdoor activity, you'll need to place an order with your sanitation company. Before you make that call, be sure to get an accurate guest count for your event. The sanitation company will use that number to help you determine the number of portable toilet units you'll need for your activity. You don't want to deal with long lines at the portable toilets. Unfortunately, that will happen if you don't rent the right amount. Not only that, but the units you do order may fill up too quickly if you don't have enough to provide adequate space for your guests. The best way to avoid those problems is to provide an adequate count during the rental process. 

Plan for Toilet Cleanliness

If you need to rent portable toilets for your outdoor event this summer, don't forget to plan for cleanliness. The portable toilets will be clean and sanitary when they're delivered, but that doesn't mean they'll stay that way. If you're going to be busy with your guests, you won't have time to be on cleaning duty for your portable toilets. To keep your portable toilets clean and sanitary throughout the festivities, arrange to have a small cleaning crew on hand. They can clean the portable toilets and restock the toilet paper as needed. 

Consider the Heat

If you're planning a big outdoor activity this summer, and you need to rent portable toilets, be sure to account for the heat. If possible, you'll want to have your portable toilets set up in the shade. Portable toilet units can get quite hot when they're set up under direct sunlight. This can pose a couple of problems for your guests. First, your guests will be exposed to uncomfortably hot temperatures inside the portable toilets. Second, the extreme temperatures will increase the buildup of foul odours inside the portable toilets. To avoid the heat and the foul odours, arrange to have your portable toilets set up under some trees, or under portable event tents.