Own Rural Property? Why You Need Dog Fencing

If you own rural property in Australia, you need to be worried about dingoes, especially if you're a rancher. Without proper protection, dingoes can destroy your property and annihilate your livestock. This is especially true where sheep and other small livestock are concerned. You could patrol your land, but that can be time-consuming, especially if you're patrolling on your own. You could have your station hands handle the patrols, but that can be a costly venture. That's where dog fencing comes into the picture. Dog fencing allows you to block off your property, creating a barricade between your livestock and the dingoes. Here are just three of the reasons you should invest in dog fencing for your rural ranch land. 

Keep Dingoes Away From Watering Holes

If you provide free-range grazing for your livestock, you probably have designated water holes on the property. If that's the case, you need to invest in dog fencing for your property. Without proper fencing, dingoes will be attracted to your watering holes, which can cause a couple of problems. First, dingo activity can reduce the amount of water that's available for your livestock. Second, dingo activity at the watering holes can prevent your livestock from approaching. Unfortunately, both of these situations can interfere with the health and welfare of your livestock. Dog fencing will keep the dingoes away and protect vital water for your livestock. 

Protect Livestock From Dingo Attacks

If you raise livestock, you can't afford to have dingoes roaming the land. Whether your livestock are kept corralled, or they're allowed to freely roam the pasture land, dingoes pose a serious threat. In fact, dingoes will seek and attack all of your small livestock, including sheep and goats. However, dingoes will also attack calves and foals. One of the best ways to prevent livestock attacks is to install dog fencing on your rural property. Dog fencing prevents dingoes from accessing your station, which ensures proper protection for all of your livestock. 

Safeguard Your Family and Pets

Finally, if you own a rural station, you need to take steps to protect your family and domestic pets. Dingoes and other wild dogs don't just pose a threat to your livestock. They also pose a threat to your family and pets. This is especially true where young children and small pets are concerned. Dog fencing will help to keep dingoes off the property and away from the main living areas of your station.