Material Handling: Three Practical Guidelines on Promoting Conveyor Belt Safety

Conveyor belts are beneficial in commercial and industrial material-handling operations. The installation of a conveyor in your worksite will increase productivity due to efficient handling of bulky or numerous products. In addition, the system will protect the workers in the space from repetitive stress due to manual handling of the merchandise. Unfortunately, a belt conveyor system can also be a dangerous element in the workplace. In simple terms, the setup has multiple moving components which can cause injury to workers. Read More 

Lucrative Markets That Steel Merchants Should Consider

Steel as a raw material is a mainstay in many industries today, and if global reports are anything to go by, the demand for steel will continue to soar. As a steel merchant, therefore, you want to be among firms that analyse the markets in search for industries that will demand more steel in coming days. It is essential to be selective especially after recent reports indicated that iron ore – a critical raw material in steel production – is set to fall by 20% in 2018. Read More 

Two safety precautions that can prevent forklift-related accidents in an industrial setting

Forklifts are used on a daily basis in many industrial facilities. This type of equipment can make the process of lifting and moving heavy materials considerably easier. However, certain precautions should be taken in order to prevent forklift-related accidents. Here are two such precautions. Check the condition of the equipment's hydraulic cylinders on a regular basis A forklift's hydraulic cylinders enable its forks to become elevated. If these components develop a fault which causes them to malfunction whilst the equipment's forks are in the process of lifting a collection of heavy objects, there could be disastrous consequences. Read More 

How to Protect Steel Pipes From the Elements

If you're running steel pipes outside, you may be worried that they are going to corrode. To protect your pipes from corrosion, there are a variety of steps you may want to take. Consider the following tips.  1. Paint the Steel Pipe Paint can serve as a layer of protection against the elements. Stay away from latex paints—they won't hold onto the steel. Opt for a paint designed to work on metal and withstand external conditions. Read More 

Troubleshooting Ductwork Issues in Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

The last thing that a business wants to do is call a repair technician for an issue they may have been able to handle to themselves. As a business owner or manager, you want to make sure that you can either fix the issue yourself, or that you can locate the issue and help cut down the time the repair technician is onsite. With that in mind, if your commercial air conditioning system is having an issue, you may want to troubleshoot the ductwork first to rule that out before calling a repair technician. Read More