Help Your Couplers Last Longer With These Tips

When you're connecting a compressed air tank to a pneumatic tool, you need to use an air compressor coupler. While these parts aren't as expensive as the other components in your set up, they still cost money, and they are integral to the proper functioning of your pneumatic tools. To help your couplers last as long as possible, take a look at these tips. Opt for Brass If you want something to last, you need to start with a quality product. Read More 

Two ways to extend the lifespan of an industrial oven

If an industrial oven breaks, it can be very expensive to repair or replace. As such, it's important to take good care of this piece of equipment. Here are two ways to extend the lifespan of your industrial oven. Shut the oven door gently In a busy food manufacturing facility or commercial kitchen, the door of an industrial oven will be opened and shut dozens of times over the course of a single day. Read More 

Grate Expectations: Why Choose Stainless Steel Grates To Cover Your Driveway Strip Drains?

While driveways made of brick, concrete and other solid materials are very hard wearing and practical, they can badly affect the drainage characteristics of the ground around your home, and a poorly designed driveway can cause drainage problems such as waterlogged soil, standing water and, in extreme cases, even localised flooding. Consequently, most solid driveways are fitted with some kind of drainage system, and strip drains are a simple, economical and popular choice. Read More 

Bold As Brass: The Benefits Of Having Your Sheet Brass Cut By Waterjet Cutting Services

The days when sheet metal was cut to size using simple hand tools are long since past, and the vast majority of sheet metal cutting services used sophisticated, computer-controlled laser cutting machines to cut and shape their products. However, while laser cutters are far more efficient that traditional, cutting methods, they do have some shortcomings. One disadvantage associated with laser cutting is the problems it has cutting highly reflective metals—particularly brass. Read More