Are you planning to install chemical meterimg pumps?

If you work in any industry that uses processes which mix liquids, then you will understand the importance of accurately measuring the different quantities involved. Adding too much or too little of a chemical can completely change the desired effect and ruin what you are trying to create. In some cases, you may want to rely on a skilled professional accurately measuring the amount of the liquid to transfer, but in most cases, you will be working with sufficient quantities to warrant the involvement of a degree of automation. Read More 

Things To Consider When Hiring Portable Toilets For A Music Festival

Organising a music festival, whether it's a relatively small shindig or a massive multi-million dollar extravaganza, is a complex endeavour to say the least. One of the most important aspects of any good music festival which is often overlooked by inexperienced organisers is providing suitable toilet facilities.  Long lines of festival-goers waiting hours to use highly unsanitary toilet facilities might be one of the more evocative images of festival life, but it is not one that needs to occur at your event. Read More 

Four Crucial Tips for Ensuring Your Scaffolding Components Last Longer

Scaffolding systems are designed and built to provide long-term service. However, these setups are exposed to high mechanical stress due to their application in construction and renovation projects. The constant impact during use and continuous load-bearing can cause the scaffolding parts to deteriorate prematurely. Moreover, the exposure to harsh weather can further accelerate the general degradation. Therefore, if you have recently purchased a scaffolding system, you should consider using these practical tips to maximise the unit's service life. Read More 

Two Types of Equipment Every Industrial Manufacturer Should Hire

There are certain kinds of equipment which can be very useful in an industrial setting. Here are two examples of vital pieces of equipment that every manufacturer should rent from an equipment hire company. A boom lift In an industrial facility, employees often need to perform work at a height. They may, for example, have to repair a very tall piece of machinery or gain access to products that are positioned on a shelf that is several metres above the ground. Read More 

What Recruiters Need to Check for With a Dogging Licence

If you're a job recruiter, and you may have recently taken on contracts requiring staff to have dogging licence. You may already know that a dogging licence is required for anyone who will be doing any aspect of dogman activities on a worksite. What you may not know, is what exactly to look for with a dogging licence and the experience the person should have in order to be hired as part of a staff for your client. Read More